My Xmas Presents!

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Oh boy oh boy oh boy am I so excited. I just couldn't wait to get up and write this.
Last night, or rather early in the morning (read 1 a.m), I met our photographer for our photo goodies. I've been waiting for this day since last month! It got delayed and delayed and finally I've got my hands on 'em photos!

It's like xmas came! There is a photo album, a CD of all the photos and a big ass frame. 

I'll upload the photos shortly, after configuring my new phone. My hubby got me a SONY EXPERIA Z since my old phone was completely ruined. Love him!

Things I Didn't Like During My Wedding

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Three weeks being a wife. Hurray! Wedding pics coming soon, just waiting for our photographers to finish editing 'em. Meanwhile, I wanna bitch about what went wrong on my big day and what you brides-to-be can do to avoid 'em. So here goes:

1. My wedding gifts. The so called 'barang hantaran'. I had to prepare 7 types of gifts for the groom. Of course being a career woman and all, I didn't have time to wrap and decorate them myself. So I sought for gifts decorating service by some bridal boutique. I wanna mention the name here but I am way better than that. Anyhow, they charged me RM90 per tray/box/set and in total I have to pay RM630. Can you imagine, just to put on ribbons and flowers and stuff? Ok so I didn't mind and went for it. On the day that I got the final products, I was completely devastated! 

The gifts looked horrible. Even a toddler can decorate better than that. Too bad I didn't manage to snap any pic. Anyhow, just picture a white casing, with fake grass carpet and some roses sticking onto the carpet and that's it! That's it! What even more frustrating is I was only renting the stuff. After the wedding, I had to return it back. I could come out with something better than that for less than RM50 in total. What a ripped off! 

So moral of the story is, decorate your own gifts. Never trust the so called bridal boutiques. Ask your aunts to do it for you. 

2. Wedding reception makeup. I hired a makeup artist from the boutique that I got my dress. Thank God the dress was awesome! I was expecting out of the world makeup when I was paying RM500 for the service. Well, turned out I looked like some kinda chinese opera ghost. The powder was as thick as wood. The eye shadow was never blended well. The color chosen was wrong. In total, it was a wreck! Here's the pic:

See? Even my hubby looks cuter! Ugh! I so soooooo regretted not doing my own makeup on that day. Lesson learned is, never trust old Malay lady to do your makeup. They'll turn your face into a cake! 

Ok that's all my ranting for now. Cant wait to see the wedding photos. I'll update asap!

Bachelorette 3.0

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Oh wow! Tomorrow is the day! I cant belive it! How time flies by so fast....

Anyhow, what's a bride without her bachelorette party right? I'm so blessed to have amazing and wonderful companions who organized not just one but triple parties!

First round, my vandy homies took me to Port Dickson. We went to Grand Lexis. This suite got an indoor pool. Now imagine an ad from Girls Gone Wild. Yea... that's how we were! lol!

A shot of the double king beds. As comfortable as a cat's tummy!


Climb-to-the-bed beds

My Vandy Homies

Girls Gone Wild Scene

Of course, no party without Rock Band!

Second round, my Celcom people took me to dinner at Chili's KLCC. They made me put on the tiara and played a few naughty games. I also received a very surprising gift which I shall not disclose here. hahaha

Princess for the day

Hungrily waiting for the food~

Third round, my Sony girls took me out for dinner at TGIF The Curve. It was a fun and flirty night. Although there was no alcohol involved, we were as high as Empire State. Thank God there was no more naughty games. hahaha

Thank you guys for the wonderful nights. I'll not forget these and we'll see you at another's wedding.

Final Experiment

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The title says it all. This is my final makeup trial and the next time I'd be doing makeup, it'd be on my big day! 
Less than a week from now! The pressure is high. Today I've got my final dress fitting to do. We'll talk about that later.

For now, my latest masterpiece:

Need to buy my veil today. Hopefully I can find a good one.

Bridal Makeup Experiments

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Since I'm gonna be doing my own makeup for my big day, I have to practice to get it right. I've been practicing every weekend looking at Youtube videos. Since I've been under the weather this week, I did not make any.

Anyhow, here are my trials. 

 First Trial: Golden Blue (No fake eye lashes yet -_-)

Second Trial: Smokey brown

Third Trial: Soft Brown

I think Im gonna do one last trial next weekend. Just have to make it look perfect! 
Next time, I'd be putting on some colors onto my eyes 0_o

Make Up Shopping - Part II

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So last Sunday, out of pure boredom, I headed to KLCC to get the final pieces of my makeup collection. Target shop: SEPHORA. In conclusion, I spent quite a fortune there. Nevermind, it's worth it. You are only married once. lol!

So here's a summary of what I bought :
All products are by Make Up Forever. They make the BEST facial products!

1. A concealer
2. Bronzer + Highlighter
3. Foundation
4. Face powder

Here's how the bronzer+highlighter duo looks like:

Perfect for sculpting chubby face like mine! hehe

Another update, my wedding invitation cards are completed! I already distributed some at my senior's reception. I already bought my wedding shoes. But that will go to another post. 
Stay tuned!

Make up Shopping - Part 1

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It was such a long day at work. It's Friday. Hence I did what I have to to ease my stress and angst. 
Shopping time of course! So I went to a near by shopping mall to my office, Endah Parade. Initially I planned to check out a bridal boutique there. But when I got there, there's no such shop! I think it must have been closed down.

So I just went to Guardian to buy a few cosmetics. I've been eyeing on this pink lipstick from Maybelline, P11. I have fallen in love with this color from the moment I laid my eyes on it. The perfect PINK that you can find!

Then I spot this gorgeous eye shadow palette by Revlon. God, I'm dying for the metallic mint color. I prolly should do a make up tutorial on how to use the color. 

Then I tested this mascara also by Maybelline. The wand is perfect for short lashes like mine. I've been using mascara for years but I've never encountered one that works. But this one is a keeper! It gives me the effect I've always wanted from a mascara.

And then during checkout, the cashier told me that I got a free gift since I spent more than RM100. Well, waddaya know, it's a make up box! Wow! It's like catching two birds with one stone. I was so thrilled and couldn't wait to get home to unpack my treasures. 

Here's how the box looks like:

It has red cushion lining and a small mirror at the bottom of the lid. I love the color too. Now I can carry all my cosmetic collection without any hassle. 
Today was a good day.

And here's a pic of me drying my makeup brushes. I cleaned them 2 nights ago. Since the bristle are too thick, I think I'd have to wait for another couple of days. 

Clock is ticking

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Here ye, here ye!

Today I've obtained my glorious marriage license. At last! Now I can do my bridal shopping in peace.

After completing the forms and preparing all required docs, my brother and I head out to our mosque's marriage officiant's office to get the forms signed. All it took was 10 minutes max. 

Then I headed out to JAWI office to get my license. Just went to the counter and submit the signed docs and forms and waited for about an hour. After that, I paid RM 5 (for marriage outside the state) and got my license. Yeay!

Alhamdulillah.. everything went smoother than I thought. Even though the process of preparing the docs is such a hassle but once you've completed the forms, you'll feel like tons of weight have been lifted off your shoulder.

Anyhow, here's how the license looks like. 

Now it'd be my fiance's turn to get his license. After that, we will submit our licenses to the Imam who will do the solemnization and just wait till the big day arrive!

What's next, wedding gown, accessories and cosmetics shopping of course!

Teaser 1

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It's the fourth day of Eid. Eid Mubarak everyone!
My oh my.. look at the calendar, less than 3 months till my big day! Yeay!
And here's a raya vain pic

Anyhow, during my shopping for a couple of new 'baju kurung', I encountered a piece that really made my eyes popped! I was thinking it'd be a perfect dress for my solemnization. To make the story short, I bought the dress and can hardly wait to wear it on my big day.

As a teaser, here's a snapshot of the dress. Look at those details! I am a sucker for lace, pearls and beads!

Since I already have a dress for the solemnization ceremony, I've decided to do my own make up too. This would really cut down the costs of renting the dress and a make up artist. Besides, I'm not a bad make up artist myself. I'm a super woman!

I've already chosen a dress for my reception but didn't get to take a snap of it since the boutique didn't allow cameras. What a bummer!

As of now, we're busy preparing some docs for applying the marriage license. There goes my annual leaves! 
I'm gonna put up the checklist of docs they need and continue to follow me on my quest to attain the glorious license! hahaha 

Bunting Photoshoot

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Venue: Taman Botani, Putrajaya
Time: 1000-1200
Date: 19 May 2013
Last Sunday, we had our wedding bunting photoshoot. We did together with his sister and her partner.
A few of these photos would be placed on the buntings.
Final product can only be viewed on the reception day itself :)
Enjoy the pics!
 Of course, cam whoring is a must!



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The title says it all. Our engagement was on 23 March 2013. Here are some pics from the ceremony.
It was held at my bro's place in Kg.Baru. Just a simple one.

Yes, I did my own make up and styling. Not bad eh ;)

 The engagement ring. Solid gold baby!

My future mother-in-law putting on the engagement ring

Engagement cake as one of the gifts

His family and mine.

Posing in front of the gifts. I am officially engaged!


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 Welcome to the journey to my big day blog. I only have less than 5 months from today to prepare for that big event of my life. As a person who embraces the wonderful creation of social networking, I would like to share the moments with all my readers, be it my friends, colleagues, child hood pals or just strangers who are wandering the cyber space to kill their times. 
My name is La Tifa and this is my wedding journey.