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It's the fourth day of Eid. Eid Mubarak everyone!
My oh my.. look at the calendar, less than 3 months till my big day! Yeay!
And here's a raya vain pic

Anyhow, during my shopping for a couple of new 'baju kurung', I encountered a piece that really made my eyes popped! I was thinking it'd be a perfect dress for my solemnization. To make the story short, I bought the dress and can hardly wait to wear it on my big day.

As a teaser, here's a snapshot of the dress. Look at those details! I am a sucker for lace, pearls and beads!

Since I already have a dress for the solemnization ceremony, I've decided to do my own make up too. This would really cut down the costs of renting the dress and a make up artist. Besides, I'm not a bad make up artist myself. I'm a super woman!

I've already chosen a dress for my reception but didn't get to take a snap of it since the boutique didn't allow cameras. What a bummer!

As of now, we're busy preparing some docs for applying the marriage license. There goes my annual leaves! 
I'm gonna put up the checklist of docs they need and continue to follow me on my quest to attain the glorious license! hahaha