Make Up Shopping - Part II

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So last Sunday, out of pure boredom, I headed to KLCC to get the final pieces of my makeup collection. Target shop: SEPHORA. In conclusion, I spent quite a fortune there. Nevermind, it's worth it. You are only married once. lol!

So here's a summary of what I bought :
All products are by Make Up Forever. They make the BEST facial products!

1. A concealer
2. Bronzer + Highlighter
3. Foundation
4. Face powder

Here's how the bronzer+highlighter duo looks like:

Perfect for sculpting chubby face like mine! hehe

Another update, my wedding invitation cards are completed! I already distributed some at my senior's reception. I already bought my wedding shoes. But that will go to another post. 
Stay tuned!

Make up Shopping - Part 1

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It was such a long day at work. It's Friday. Hence I did what I have to to ease my stress and angst. 
Shopping time of course! So I went to a near by shopping mall to my office, Endah Parade. Initially I planned to check out a bridal boutique there. But when I got there, there's no such shop! I think it must have been closed down.

So I just went to Guardian to buy a few cosmetics. I've been eyeing on this pink lipstick from Maybelline, P11. I have fallen in love with this color from the moment I laid my eyes on it. The perfect PINK that you can find!

Then I spot this gorgeous eye shadow palette by Revlon. God, I'm dying for the metallic mint color. I prolly should do a make up tutorial on how to use the color. 

Then I tested this mascara also by Maybelline. The wand is perfect for short lashes like mine. I've been using mascara for years but I've never encountered one that works. But this one is a keeper! It gives me the effect I've always wanted from a mascara.

And then during checkout, the cashier told me that I got a free gift since I spent more than RM100. Well, waddaya know, it's a make up box! Wow! It's like catching two birds with one stone. I was so thrilled and couldn't wait to get home to unpack my treasures. 

Here's how the box looks like:

It has red cushion lining and a small mirror at the bottom of the lid. I love the color too. Now I can carry all my cosmetic collection without any hassle. 
Today was a good day.

And here's a pic of me drying my makeup brushes. I cleaned them 2 nights ago. Since the bristle are too thick, I think I'd have to wait for another couple of days. 

Clock is ticking

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Here ye, here ye!

Today I've obtained my glorious marriage license. At last! Now I can do my bridal shopping in peace.

After completing the forms and preparing all required docs, my brother and I head out to our mosque's marriage officiant's office to get the forms signed. All it took was 10 minutes max. 

Then I headed out to JAWI office to get my license. Just went to the counter and submit the signed docs and forms and waited for about an hour. After that, I paid RM 5 (for marriage outside the state) and got my license. Yeay!

Alhamdulillah.. everything went smoother than I thought. Even though the process of preparing the docs is such a hassle but once you've completed the forms, you'll feel like tons of weight have been lifted off your shoulder.

Anyhow, here's how the license looks like. 

Now it'd be my fiance's turn to get his license. After that, we will submit our licenses to the Imam who will do the solemnization and just wait till the big day arrive!

What's next, wedding gown, accessories and cosmetics shopping of course!