Bachelorette 3.0

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Oh wow! Tomorrow is the day! I cant belive it! How time flies by so fast....

Anyhow, what's a bride without her bachelorette party right? I'm so blessed to have amazing and wonderful companions who organized not just one but triple parties!

First round, my vandy homies took me to Port Dickson. We went to Grand Lexis. This suite got an indoor pool. Now imagine an ad from Girls Gone Wild. Yea... that's how we were! lol!

A shot of the double king beds. As comfortable as a cat's tummy!


Climb-to-the-bed beds

My Vandy Homies

Girls Gone Wild Scene

Of course, no party without Rock Band!

Second round, my Celcom people took me to dinner at Chili's KLCC. They made me put on the tiara and played a few naughty games. I also received a very surprising gift which I shall not disclose here. hahaha

Princess for the day

Hungrily waiting for the food~

Third round, my Sony girls took me out for dinner at TGIF The Curve. It was a fun and flirty night. Although there was no alcohol involved, we were as high as Empire State. Thank God there was no more naughty games. hahaha

Thank you guys for the wonderful nights. I'll not forget these and we'll see you at another's wedding.

Final Experiment

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The title says it all. This is my final makeup trial and the next time I'd be doing makeup, it'd be on my big day! 
Less than a week from now! The pressure is high. Today I've got my final dress fitting to do. We'll talk about that later.

For now, my latest masterpiece:

Need to buy my veil today. Hopefully I can find a good one.

Bridal Makeup Experiments

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Since I'm gonna be doing my own makeup for my big day, I have to practice to get it right. I've been practicing every weekend looking at Youtube videos. Since I've been under the weather this week, I did not make any.

Anyhow, here are my trials. 

 First Trial: Golden Blue (No fake eye lashes yet -_-)

Second Trial: Smokey brown

Third Trial: Soft Brown

I think Im gonna do one last trial next weekend. Just have to make it look perfect! 
Next time, I'd be putting on some colors onto my eyes 0_o