Things I Didn't Like During My Wedding

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Three weeks being a wife. Hurray! Wedding pics coming soon, just waiting for our photographers to finish editing 'em. Meanwhile, I wanna bitch about what went wrong on my big day and what you brides-to-be can do to avoid 'em. So here goes:

1. My wedding gifts. The so called 'barang hantaran'. I had to prepare 7 types of gifts for the groom. Of course being a career woman and all, I didn't have time to wrap and decorate them myself. So I sought for gifts decorating service by some bridal boutique. I wanna mention the name here but I am way better than that. Anyhow, they charged me RM90 per tray/box/set and in total I have to pay RM630. Can you imagine, just to put on ribbons and flowers and stuff? Ok so I didn't mind and went for it. On the day that I got the final products, I was completely devastated! 

The gifts looked horrible. Even a toddler can decorate better than that. Too bad I didn't manage to snap any pic. Anyhow, just picture a white casing, with fake grass carpet and some roses sticking onto the carpet and that's it! That's it! What even more frustrating is I was only renting the stuff. After the wedding, I had to return it back. I could come out with something better than that for less than RM50 in total. What a ripped off! 

So moral of the story is, decorate your own gifts. Never trust the so called bridal boutiques. Ask your aunts to do it for you. 

2. Wedding reception makeup. I hired a makeup artist from the boutique that I got my dress. Thank God the dress was awesome! I was expecting out of the world makeup when I was paying RM500 for the service. Well, turned out I looked like some kinda chinese opera ghost. The powder was as thick as wood. The eye shadow was never blended well. The color chosen was wrong. In total, it was a wreck! Here's the pic:

See? Even my hubby looks cuter! Ugh! I so soooooo regretted not doing my own makeup on that day. Lesson learned is, never trust old Malay lady to do your makeup. They'll turn your face into a cake! 

Ok that's all my ranting for now. Cant wait to see the wedding photos. I'll update asap!