Honeymoon 2.0

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It's called 2.0 because it's the second one. Our first honeymoon was at Langkawi. Not so much pictures nor activities (if ya know what I mean heheh) though, hence I do not wanna make a post about it. 

So after New Year, my hubby and I went for our 2nd mini honeymoon just to have some time out of this busy town. We spent 2 nights in Malacca. We stayed at Hatten Hotel, thanks to a suggestion by his colleague. It's a very nice hotel, located in the center of the town and any attractions are within walking distance.

We arrived in Malacca at around 4pm and checked in to room right away. Here are some pics inside the room:

Loving the wall between the bedroom and living room.

We got a seaview room. Superior suite they called it.

Somebody is enjoying his honeymoon :)

 Camwhoring inside the lift

After that, we went out to Dataran Pahlawan Mall for dinner and a movie, Paranormal Activity 4. I felt like the movie tickets are much cheaper in Malacca. We had durian mochi for dessert. Yum! Anyways, that's all for that night.

Awesome delicious durian mochi. Anything tastes better with durian

Posing in front of Hatten Hotel

Watching Lion King

2nd day, I'm too lazy to write, so here are the pictures of visited places:

Malacca Sultanate Palace

Cats sleeping below the museum 

Supermodel walking

A Famosa for sure

Oh and we went to our high school, MRSM Jasin too. Too bad it's still school holidays. No kids or teachers around. Then we went to Umbai for dinner. It's a must to go there if you're visiting Malacca. Nothing tastes like Umbai's roasted fish. 

MRSM Jasin


A very friendly cat I met at Umbai

3rd day, before heading home, we went to the Maritime Museum. I've always wanted to go inside the ship. Now that I went in, there wasn't really anything to see. Just a bunch of statues and writings. 

Finally before leaving Malacca for good, we went to Mini Malaysia. There was a dance performance going on but I did not fancy traditional dance. Seriously, the choreographer needs to work harder. Those steps can be easily done by a kindergartner. Took a bunch of pics then headed home.

Hello there horsies!