Excruciating Process of Marriage Cards Application

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Dear readers, before I continue, I'd like to advise you that this post you're reading is gonna be full of curse words. Bear with me as I unfold the shitty operation of the so called Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor.

On one fine day after CNY, my hubby and I decided to get our marriage card done. It's the final legal step after the ceremony. If you don't obtain this card, you might get in trouble if people doubt your marriage status. Some backstabbers are gonna call the officers and claim that you're committing adultery while you're just spending the holidays at a cheap ass motel.

Anyhow, so we went to JAIS to get the card done. This is the procedure that I dont really fathom. If for applying the license you can just go to the district office, why in the world for a card you have to go all the way to the state office? Imagine one freaking Selangor are doing their cards at one small office. Yes I am not exaggerating.

When I got in line, there're already 150++ people waiting for their turn. Can you imagine all of people in Selangor are being served by only 4 officials? What kind of shitty procedure are you having here? Not only that, back at the district office, they dont mention that you need to photocopy anything but now you end up having to photocopy every fucking docs. 

So my hubby had to go a court next door to get the photocopy done. As expected, hundreds more people were in line at the machine. So here's a story that he shared with me. So there's this couple waiting in line to get their docs copied. Can you guess who's standing in line during the long hours? The wife of course! While the husband was busy playing flappy bird on the phone, SITTING at the cafe nearby. What a GENTLEMAN right? Sorry sister, I think you married an asshole. You better not reproduce or he'll end up leaving you with the kids while he's out having fun with some other girls.

Also while waiting for our turn to be served at the counter, there's this other couple whom the husband was also an asshole. There were only limited seats available in the waiting area. So he made the wife stand while he, as expected, sat down and played with his phone. I mean, WTF is wrong with the guys in this world? You can't even afford to stand for a bit? Imagine if the wife were going thru a labor, I bet he wont even be there to accompany her. 

So here's a look at the back of the form we have to fill in. Guess what, we had to come back after 5 days to collect the card. Are you fucking kidding me? I only have to wait for 30 minutes to get my passport done, without any human in the process. Just slot in everything in the kiosk. You call it a SMART card but the procedure isn't so smart after all.

Last Tuesday, my hubby had to take a leave to collect the card. Thank you for wasting his annual leave, JAIS. And.... he had to wait for more than 5 hours for that coz apparently the lady there needed to search thru all the records MANUALLY for our cards. 

Ok I just wanna point out one thing. Najib wants our country to be developed by 2020. If the procedures of applying a marriage card is as ancient as it was invented, then I don't think so. FIX this! Why do I have to go all the way to the state office when I can just apply my ID at any registration office? Why do you have to make this process so complicated? Dont give me lame excuses like controlling the database and shit. Everything is on the cloud. Have you ever heard of Internet? 

If you're wondering why are there so many adultery cases in Malaysia, well guess what? It's your OWN fault JAIS, for making the procedures more complicated than solving a partial differential equation! Yes that's true coz I can solve one in 1 minute while your shitty application process takes months! 

And... here's the so called marriage card. Look at that smart chip. Will I be able to pay my toll with it, I dont think so. 

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