I am putting up this checklist hoping that it would be useful for other brides to be out there. Mine is pretty simple. If you want a more thorough one, you can do a search on Google. But this checklist is what I've been and will be doing till my big day. 

Believe me ladies, preparation can be as early as one year before the wedding. Hence, brace yourself. Your wedding is (hopefully) gonna be the first and last in your lifetime. So make it count! You dont wanna look back at your wedding photos and wish it'd turn out to be better.

9-7 Months Before

1. Attend the compulsory wedding course
2. Start saving some money
3. Apply for a gym membership (if you must)
4. Budget calculation and estimation
5. Book the reception venue

6 Months Before

1. Research on what theme you wanna have
2. Look for a wedding planner ( I did this myself)
3. Start buying the gifts little by little (I buy every month)
4. Pick the most gorgeous diamond ring
  5. Book your photographers  

5-4 Months Before

1. Pick up your dream gown based on your online research or sketch it out
2. Survey all available wedding boutiques and make up artists
3.Survey and book the caterer
4. Order you invitation cards
5. Survey door gifts

3 Months Before

1. Book your wedding dresses and make up artist
2. Start paying all your vendors
3. Start applying for marriage license
4. Spa, Facial, Waxing (ya know the drill)
5. Buy door gifts
6. Book your honeymoon flight tickets and hotels

2 Months Before

1. Start distributing the cards
2. Finalize your booking (in case you have last minute decisions)
3. Buy cosmetics (since I'd be doing my own makeup)

1 Month Before

1. Buy some sexy hot lingerie LOL!
2. Finalize your dress fittings
3. Finalize the RSVPs
4. Buy additional accessories if necessary

1 Week Before

1. Hang out with the girls
2. Relax
3. Pack for your honeymoon

1 Day Before

1. Have a good night sleep
2. Final facial
3. Dont forget to pick up your dresses

Wedding Day

1. Pray to God all is well

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