How We Met

They say every love story begins somewhere. Mine begins at my first workplace. Sony R&D Center in Bandar Baru Bangi, Malaysia. Not a very expected place for love to blossom but anyways..

After graduating from Vanderbilt, I got my first job as a software engineer at Sony. I started working three weeks after setting my feet in Malaysia. So, that was the first time I saw him. He was also in the same department as I did. My first impression on him, meh.. This guy is probably married with three kids. lol! 

Since he's the most senior person in the department, we did not really talk much. I usually hang out with the girls my 'age'. I was not really good at mingling around with seniors. Day after day, I got myself accustomed to the working environment there. I could say I was quite comfortable and happy doing what I did.

We were getting closer each day ever since we had a team outing to Sunway Lagoon in December. January was our boss's birthday month. The team decided to get him something for his birthday. Initially there should be four people who were in charge of buying the gift on weekend. Eventually, only two could make it. He and I. Buying gift did not really take a long time. So we spent the rest of the day at the mall and watching movie and ended with a late night supper. I also learned that he was still single. Phew! I did not wanna get in trouble with someone's husband.LOL! 

The ever happening department in Sony, Asia R&D.

Eventually, it became our routine - to go out together on the weekends. Our colleagues were getting suspicious. It was fun denying it at first. Lol! No feelings attached at first. But I guess Cupid was being naughty. It's impossible for a guy and a girl just to be friends. I started to have a crush on him. I am not the kind of person who falls in love easily but this guy really melted my ice cold heart. Believe me, I had been in a relationship before. But the way I was being treated and pampered when I was with him really brightened up my gloomy days. I could not have asked for more. 

Oh did I mention that our age gap is 10 years old? Age is just a number. Plus, I prefer older men anyways. hehe. Since we are both engineers, most of our conversations were about ideas. That's the part of him that I adore so much. We could talk for hours without sounding lame. I guess I'd have to thank my boss for that. If I were to end up in different department, I would not have met him.

Days passed and we agreed to the thought of settling down. One day, he invited my brother and his wife for a lunch and that's when the serious conversation happened. I can still hear the exact words he said to my brother, "Saya sebenarnya nk minta izin abang. Saya nak ambik Latifah ni..." OMG! I could barely swallow my food! hahaha but yeah, he got balls! 

Then the rest is history. His parents came over our place and here I am, engaged to my soul mate, Mohd Aizul and soon to be my beloved husband. Amen.

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