Friday,1 November 2013. I made a move from Kg Baru to Bangi early in the afternoon to avoid massive jam since it's still a working day. My brother already booked a hotel for me to get ready and stay overnight since the ceremony would end quite late. Equipped with my makeup kits and steam iron and of course the lovely dress, I sped away hoping to get ready in time.

A few of  my close Vandy and Sony friends also came along. A big thank you to Mia for twee-zing my eyebrows. Or else I'd look like a drag queen. FYI, all the styling and makeup are done by none other than me. Photo editing too since I don't trust my photographer's taste in Arts. So if you're looking for a makeup artist, you're talking to the right person here.

Around 8.30pm, we made a move to the groom's house. This is actually out of norm of what people usually do. It should be the groom who goes to the bride's house. But anyways, I always do things extraordinarily. I swore I didn't feel anxious at all. I guess I was born ready lol. 

So we arrived at his house, took my stance on a small white cushion and waited..... I guess you all already know how it ended by now.

Without further ado, here are the pics:

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